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OSRS Pest Control Guide


Pest Control is a minigame in OSRS that is only available to members. Yes, it’s combat-based, where players have to defend the Void Knight in the middle of the arena from incoming attacks. While doing so, players have to also destroy the portals and any creature that is attacking the Knight. In the world of Guthix, this minigame is known to bring balance, as players aim to defeat the creatures before the balance can be disrupted. The Void Knight are the ones that are running the minigame, and they’re also a part of the order of Guthix. During the game, players are transported to an island through landers, and these landers are classed and divided by their combat level.

Being a safe minigame, you won’t have to worry about losing your items, and if you die, you’ll simply spawn back on the lander to continue your battle again. Once the game ends, your Prayer Points, Hit Points, Special Attack, and Run Energy are also restored to full. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that the potions get consumed during the gameplay, and if you’re bringing any, you’ll probably lose it for good.

General Information

Before you begin your journey here, it is recommended that you have at least level 40 combat. Being at that level will give you access to the novice lander, and for the intermediate one, you’ll require level 70 combat. Similarly, there’s also the veteran lander, which requires level 100 combat. In order to receive commendation points, you will have to keep your activity bar up throughout the gameplay. You can increase the bar by attacking enemies and dealing damage to the portals. Another way is to repair gates and barricades, and by doing so, you also receive 5 EXP in the Crafting skill. However, you will need a hammer to fix the barricades.

The game will consist of players between 5 – 25, and if there are 25 players on the lander, the game will instantly begin. If there are less than that, you will have to wait for two minutes, but have at least 5 players on the lander. If you do miss out on the 25-player round, you will be given a priority number, which will decide whether you’ll be selected in the next batch or not (depends on how high your number is). You cannot bring pets on the lander, and spells like Alchemy and items like Dwarf Multi-Cannons are prohibited.

The Outpost (Void Knight)

Void Knight’s Outpost is the location where Pest Control is situated. The area is accessible from Port Sarim (Far South), and you’ll have to speak to the Squire, who will then take you to the Outpost. Another way is by using the Minigame Group Finder and then selecting the Pest Control option to directly teleport there.

The Outpost has various facilities accessible to players; a bank, general store, smithing area (anvil), and a smith who can fix Barrows Equipment. You will also find a Void Knight Magic and Archery store here, which has a good number of stocks in terms of items. Finally, there’s the lander that can be accessed to begin the minigame.


The gameplay is quite straightforward, and there are two different ways to win the match. The first one in this osrs pest control guide is by keeping the Void Knight alive for the entire twenty minutes, and the second one is by destroying all the four portals in the area before the Void Knight dies. The second method is mostly preferred as it doesn’t consume a lot of time to destroy four portals. However, your priority should be towards the Void Knight, because if he/she dies, then the match will be over.

Each of these portals spawns a number of different creatures that are known as pests, as mentioned in this osrs pest control guide. The portals also have a shield, which can only be deactivated by the Void Knight. Once it’s successfully deactivated, you can begin destroying the portals. The first shield will take about 15 seconds, following up with 30 seconds for the next one, and so on. The portals have a good defense, so the best attack styles to use are Ranged, Magic, Crush, or Slash.


The best strategy for pest control osrs would be to keep an eye on the gates and ensure that they’re kept shut at all times. The reason is that these gates will lead to the middle of the arena, where the Void Knight stands. A few players are only required to protect the Knight, while the other players can focus on destroying the portals as the shield deactivates. During the game, you will notice that Spinners are repairing the portals. However, you can ignore them, until or unless multiple Spinners are spawned. If that happens, you must first kill them and then start destroying the portals again.


If you successfully win, then you’ll be granted commendation points, as well as Runescape Gold which you can use to purchase osrs pest control rewards within pest control osrs. If you win on the Novice lander, you’ll be granted with 3 commendation points, and similarly, for Intermediate and Veteran, you’ll be granted with 4 and 5, respectively. If you manage to destroy every portal, then you have a chance to obtain coins that are ten times your combat level.

The maximum number of points that you can stack is 4,000 for osrs pest control rewards, and anything above that will result in a warning as you try to enter the game. Keeping that in mind, it’s best that you spend your points at the nearby Void Knight shop. You can purchase a number of things, such as Skill Experience, Herb Packs, Mineral Packs, Seed Packs, and Void Knight Equipment. In terms of the equipment, make sure to have at least 42 Attack, Strength, Defense, Ranged, Magic, and HP, along with 22 Prayer before purchasing, or else you won’t be allowed to.