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World of Warcraft: How to Earn Gold

If you’re new to the World of Warcraft, obtaining the gold you need to keep your character in the best condition possible can be a daunting task. Not to worry though, there are a few tips and tricks that will help you be well on your way to WoW fortune.
When you’re new the beginning levels can be tough. The first thing to remember is don’t make it hard than it seems. There’s no magic way to make money on WoW. You either spend real money by buying money from a website that sells it. You can google these but buying gold isn’t a recommended method. You don’t know if you can trust the people who are selling it, plus it’s a waste of money since you can easily make money on your own.

The 1st , and easiest way to make money on WoW is to get as many bags as you can. You need to be able to hold as as many things as possible. This should be your first investment. After you have your bags, kill and loot everything! Anything that’s easy for you kill. I can’t stress this enough. Kill whatever you see and loot everything no matter if you think it’s useful or not. Almost anything you pick up can be sold to a vendor in any town for profit. If you find that you can’t sell it just throw it out. Also, remember that if you get a rare item (which will be a special color in your inventory) you can probably make more from it by selling it at an auction house in any major city. This works especially well with quest items and anything you can gather.

What is gathering you ask? It’s the 2nd easiest way to earn money, of course. If you learn two gathering professions like herbalism, mining, or skinning you can loot the land as well as your kills. Skinning makes it possible to loot nearly every beast you encounter; some are only skinnable instead of dropping items. This insures that every kill is worthy. There are areas in the game that you can find amazing amounts of ores to mine. Quite a few quests call for skins or minerals that need to be mined. You can make a lot of gold by mining or skinning then sell it at the auction house for people who need to complete their quests but cant or are too lazy to do the work.

One final way to earn some money is simply to save it. Only spend money on things you absolutely need such as spells, weapons, armor, profession training, mounts, anything that will protect your character and help you advance quicker in the game. I know it can be temping to buy little random things you find but think of how much you’ll actually use it and what benefit you’ll have from it. Remember that you can always go on shopping sprees when your character is rich and well rounded.

Thats it! Just remember these few simple tips and work hard, soon you’ll be one of the richest characters in game.